What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

It’s the start of a new year, which means setting yourself targets for the year also known as RESOLUTIONS! Many people will be saying to themselves, This is the year I’m going to stick to my resolutions! I’m going to start my diet and stick to it, I’m going to walk everyday even when it’s raining, I’m going to quit smoking, I’m going to find the man/woman of my dreams!, but in honesty how many people actually stick to what they say?

I’m going to admit I am that person. I make resolutions that I say I’m going to stick to. Every year I say I’m going to lose weight or to slim down, I’m going to eat healthier, I’m going to save money and not spend it on rubbish. This lasts for maximum two weeks then I gorge out on chocolates and spend my money in the sales! This is a problem commonly known as unmotivated and lazy.

This then raised a question in my mind, Why are people so unmotivated to stick to their resolutions yet when it comes to God and their faith, we are so motivated to do His work and spend His word?
I personally find it hard to stick with these resolutions because it is a want. It is something I want to do because I can and it may might be feel better but it’s not God’s wants. God wants us to be happy but when we know Christ and we are living for Him we should be happy anyway.

We don’t need to be skinny and super healthy to be happy in this world. Surely having Christ control your life to help show your purpose in this world is a privilege but not many people see that. I didn’t until now.
Serving God and spreading His word is something I will never stop doing and something I will always have the motivation to do.
We don’t need resolutions that will change who we are. If you wanna go on a diet, fine but do it for the right reasons and not because you want to be like a size zero model. If God wanted you to be a size zero model, he would of made you that way when he started to write your story.

Back on the topic of resolutions, yes I’m going to make some. BUT I feel the best type of resolution to make are ones that are God centred and ones that will help you improve and strengthen your faith!

Have a great 2015!


Next Level Up…

When your in a job or in a career there’s a thing called a Ladder, and this ladder has different levels. Every level represents a promotion or a new role in your chosen job or career. Anyone can move up this ladder if you work hard at what you do, but that sometimes isn’t enough. You see, you can move up this ladder because of how hard you work and your impression on your managers, but you can get stuck to where you are. No matter how hard you try to move up the ladder more, you are stuck in this level and can even move down a level until you are stuck at the bottom watching everyone move up. The worst situation to be in is the managers could promise you new roles and you hear talk about new roles that could be offered then other people get those jobs.
It can feel like your stuck in this place in which you can’t escape. And when your stuck in this place, you feel lonely wondering where God is in all of this.

Well the truth is, God never left you. He’s been there the whole time, you just gotta look for Him. You have to put 100% faith in Him, as being pushed down on the ladder may be the door of opportunity opening. Yes it’s a hard time when you’re not getting knowledged for your work but believe me when I say there will always be that one person who is proud of you and notices what you are doing.


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