Belief | Spoken Word | Written and Performed by Thomas Olliver (aka Dust)

If you only believe in the things you see then you believe in nothing. For if you see it then you know it to be true and their for your not believing. See belief is to trust in the things you can’t see but to be sure whole heartedly that the thing in which you believe in is real. You believe in oxygen because you “know” its their. Is that really belief? It seems that in this generation belief is deceased and without belief this world wont see peace. See we need to open our hearts and believe that theirs a truth that no one can see but its bigger than you and bigger than me.
I have faith in an almighty god that created the earth and the heavens. He believes in me so I believe in him. I have witnessed the power of the king. Ive seen him heal ive seen him save ┬áive seen him set free people who are enslaved from earthly bounds. Belief and faith are two different things. Children believe in Santa Claus. Whereas Christians have faith in a king. A faith that he will come again. A faith that he loves and cares for us with an unimaginable love. I’m not gunna spend time trying to prove that god is real because I’ve learnt that that’s impossible. Scientists trying to prove he’s not real I know that that’s not possible. I once heard this incredible line in a piece of spoken word. “Trying to prove god is like trying to defend a lion, it don’t need your help” This is a powerful thing to say because it’s entirely true. We can’t prove god, Science can’t disprove god. Because he doesn’t want us to. God wants his people to have faith in him without needing proof. He could come down on a cloud right now but then we’d know the truth. If we see he’s real then we know he’s true then we don’t have faith in him. But if you believed and had faith before he came them you have the favor of the king. The ones with faith are the ones who without seeing him are believing. When he comes back everyone on earth will know the king of kings. But only those who believed and had faith will be going back with him. You see Belief may seem to be dying but faith is rising through the nations. We are celebrating Christ through events and congregations of thousands, millions.
Wow their might yet be hope for this world.