Exciting News!

Hi Guys,

I know, AGAIN, I haven’t written in a while. I’ve just been busy focusing on God and trying to survive life with anxiety (the battle has been won against the anxiety all thanks to the King of Kings)

But I thought I would share the past 30 days with you all has my life has become a whole lot more exciting. On 1st September, at Disneyland Paris, my boyfriend proposed to me right outside of the castle. And of course I SAID YES!

Literally from that point on, wedding planning has taken over my life! I have been finding ideas on how I want the wedding to look like, what type of dress I want, the type of suits we want for the groom and ushers and a lot more stuff!

Even though planning a wedding is great fun, budgeting everything is very hard and stressful! Though it is just the beginning of our wedding adventure, we still have a lot more to learn!

At this moment in life, I am very happy! God has found me an amazing man, who I can now call my Fiancé, who is just as faithful and loving towards God as I am!!


Staged for photos!