Let Me Explain…

Hello All!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since Octiber last year. I have been struggling a lot with many different things in my life and I have been extremely down about life.

The reason I haven’t been posting blogs is because I have struggled with my walk with Christ and I haven’t been a ‘true’ Christian. I was talking the talk but i wasn’t walking the walk. And without the walk, there was really no point in writing another blog.

It’s really strange how when I was little I was a keen church goer. I went every Sunday unless I was ill. But now I’m older and make my own choices, I feel like I’m finally seeing the ‘adult’ side of church. What I mean by that is the political side of it and not just the happy, singing songs side of it. To me, there were some churches I found were way to judgemental to people they didn’t really know and that really put me off going to church. A church shouldn’t be a place of judgement. Only the Lord can judge and he is the most loving thing out there!

I still have that thought but I do go to church now with my partner in crime and we feel we have settled nicely at that church. My walk isn’t 100% back to normal but I know I am getting there.

I thought it would be nice just to say why I haven’t posted in a long time and honestly, asking for your support and prays as I try to get back where I was before!