TheChristianCornerBlog’s 1st Birthday!!

Oh my goodness! It was a year ago I decided to created this blog!! It’s crazy to look back a year ago and see how things have changed the past 12 months!

God has done some amazing things in my life and I can only see them looking back. You never usually see the things God has done for you until it has past a few months.

Yes, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve struggled but I’ve also had great memories the past year.

God has shown me Love in many forms the past year! I met an amazing guy not long after starting this blog and we have been together for almost a year. God has given me strength when I feel like I can’t do my job at work properly. He has given me hope when I’ve felt down about different things. He’s given me the courage to face different situations in my life. God has also sent an angel down to watch over me when I had my car accident, in November, in a form of a man who saw the whole accident. He has also shown how much he cares for me by sending in a load of doctors and nurses to check up on me when I got rushed into the hospital last week.

This year, I think, has been the biggest struggle I’ve ever had with my faith but looking back now, I can see a God has been there with me the WHOLE time! And for that I am truely greatful I have such an amazing God who cares and loves me for eternity!