The 4 Points

Has anyone heard of LZ7’s song ‘4 Points’?  If you haven’t, then you should. 

LZ7 teamed up with an association called The 4 Points, who has made 4 easy steps to help you realise how much God loves you and shows how easy it is to love God back. Here are the 4 points:

  1. I know God loves me
  2. I know I’ve messed up
  3. He died and paid the price
  4. Now I chose life 

I think this is a good example to live by. If you know about God but don’t actually know God then follow these steps. Acknowledge God loves you, admit you messed up, remember he died and forgave all your sins, now I chose a life with God free from sin.

It’s not gonna be easy. Once you realise these steps are true, temptation will hit you at a MASSIVE force. Temptation that the devil will use to push you away from God but with God’s strength, you can conquer it and push through the hardest time.

Just remember we may not be able to see God, but we can all feel him in us.


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