Never Thought It Would Happen To You?

We all have those moments where we see something on the news or in the newspaper or on Facebook and we think I’m glad I haven’t been in that situation or I wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes.

Well I’m one of those people, or was one of those people. Earlier this week, I experienced something that quite frankly I never want to experience again! On 18th November, I was involved in a car accident! Thankfully I wasn’t badly hurt, just got minor whiplash, and my car only has a cracked bumper but the shock of the accident was and still is very overwhelming.

When you’re in that situation, so many things go through your mind. I honestly thought I was being targeted and attacked on by the lorry who hit me several times. After the accident had happened all I could think about is why did it happen to me? what did I do wrong? Where was God when this happened?

Well the truth is, God was there. God helped me keep the car in control and helped me pull it over. God made sure I wasn’t badly injured, He made sure my car was safe and still usable. But mainly, God sent an angel down in form of a man who witnessed the whole accident, forced the lorry driver to pull over and made him stay until the police came. That man helped me so much as I didn’t and still don’t remember what fully happened. I wouldn’t know what to do if he didn’t witness it! I’m so grateful for my him! God uses his people in many ways, even if their not Christians!