Next Level Up…

When your in a job or in a career there’s a thing called a Ladder, and this ladder has different levels. Every level represents a promotion or a new role in your chosen job or career. Anyone can move up this ladder if you work hard at what you do, but that sometimes isn’t enough. You see, you can move up this ladder because of how hard you work and your impression on your managers, but you can get stuck to where you are. No matter how hard you try to move up the ladder more, you are stuck in this level and can even move down a level until you are stuck at the bottom watching everyone move up. The worst situation to be in is the managers could promise you new roles and you hear talk about new roles that could be offered then other people get those jobs.
It can feel like your stuck in this place in which you can’t escape. And when your stuck in this place, you feel lonely wondering where God is in all of this.

Well the truth is, God never left you. He’s been there the whole time, you just gotta look for Him. You have to put 100% faith in Him, as being pushed down on the ladder may be the door of opportunity opening. Yes it’s a hard time when you’re not getting knowledged for your work but believe me when I say there will always be that one person who is proud of you and notices what you are doing.