Losing something…

Losing something whether it being an ability, a memory or even a person can be a heart breaking experience. The lose makes you feel empty, like you don’t have anything going for you. It can make you feel a mixture of emotions. You can feel angry one minute then upset the next, then confused. It’s a never ending cycle of emotions and it feels like it won’t stop…that’s what I thought and what many people think.

I know a few people in my life who has recently lost an ability and a person who was dear to them. My first initial thought was I couldn’t imagine going through what they are going through. But just thinking that made me feel guilty, I shouldn’t of been thinking about myself when my two best friends needed me.
Instead of thinking about myself in their situations, I thought of them in their situations and supported them, encouraged them. I let them know they weren’t on their own, they had someone to talk to.

Just thinking about losing something it reminded me of the story Job in the bible.
Job was a great man. He was very loyal man who had a wife, kids, lots of land and lots of sheep. Satan saw how passionate he was and how devote he was towards God, so challenged God that Satan could make Job would stop loving Him. God accepted this and Satan took away all Job’s earthly possessions. His wife and kids died, his servants died, his home turned to dust. Satan also gives Job boils and blisters. Despite all of this, yes Job questioned God but he knew God is God. He can give but he can also take away. So Job took advise from a friend and lived his life. God gave Job double what he had before it got taken away.

Yes we go through bad times, it may feel like it’s never going to end. It will end, not straight away but it will. You just got to remain faithful through this challenge and remain loyal to God. Who knows, something good may be just around the corner as God can take but he can also give.